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The answers are yes, yes, and yes! Our tents can be set up on any surface and over most decks, patios, or raised platforms. When not on grass we utilize water barrels that can be optionally fit with white/black covers per you preference. When dealing with a raised deck or platform we have a variety of leg extensions that can compensate for the height difference and keep our canopy level. When a sprinkler systems or underground utilities are present, we will certainly do our best to avoid any type of issue but it is the homeowner's responsibility to take the necessary precautions. When public utilities are involved we recommend calling for a mark out. It is a free service and very easy to set up. Call before you dig – 811 or 800-344-8377.

Where do we start?? Our state of the art frame tents are more stylish with a sleek high peak using the latest in tent technology. Due to the strength and overall design of our tent frame, our canopies require less support legs and no unsightly frame 'rafters' while still maintaining a higher wind resistance than any other canopy available today. Another plus is that our tents are modular, meaning they easily join together to create any size/configuration to fit your event/space perfectly. Our high peak frame tents have a certain 'wow' factor that increases as multiple units are joined together, which creates a look that more than one of our customers have described as Camelot; the multi-peaked castle of King Arthur.

The illustration above is the best way to show the differences. We exclusively offer the most high quality frame tents in the industry which when compared to your standard 'pole tent' look better, stand taller, have less tie down/anchor locations, and provide a completely open floor plan with no center pole.

There are generally 3 variables involved in making a selection: number of guests, size of party area, and budget. Being that every event is different, we recommend giving us a call at 214-785-2369 so we can help. We are open 7 days a week and would be happy to guide you through the process and make recommendations that fit your party size, style, and budget. We can provide pictures of similar events we have done in the past, references, or we would be more than happy visit the site to discuss options in person. Our flexible scheduling allows for event scheduling days, weeks, or months before an event. Check out our money saving event packages.

We pride ourselves on using the best quality high peak canopy tents available. The unique high peak design requires no center pole which leaves an open platform for optimum seating and space. All of our tents are bright white, very well cared for, and in "like new" condition. The tents are modular and can be arranged in a variety of different ways to suit your event's needs and space. One thing often overlooked when picking a tent provider is safety. We take extra time and precautions setting up to make sure that every event is 100% safe.